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Product Update: 09 March 2022

Updated: May 5, 2022

Hi everyone, Max here from bookusdirect.

We've just released a couple of product improvements on your direct booking link with the aim to

  • streamline the process of booking for your guests;

  • highlight important information to them faster;

  • continue to help you drive direct bookings for your Vacation Rental.

Read on to discover the improvements 👉

Improvement 1

We've improved the visibility of your base rate by moving it to a more central place so your guests can see it at a glance.

Improvement 2

We've added a booking total pop-up that appears as soon as your guests have selected dates and set the guest count.

This allows your guests to see the total amount very early on in the booking process. The green book now button acts as a call-to-action and helps prompt your guests to continue with their booking. The pop-up also helps confirm to guests early on that by booking directly no extra fees apply.

If you offer a weekly and/or monthly discount and your guests book accordingly, the offer is also highlighted in the booking total pop-up.

Improvement 3

We've streamlined the design of the “special offers” call-to-action.

Finally, we've made a ton of internal improvements and upgrades that aren't visible to the human eye, but truly improve the performance of your direct booking panel.

As usual, feel free to share with us any feature you'd like to see us release by accessing your dashboard from your phone or laptop and hitting the Give feedback button.

Thank you for being part of the movement!

Team bookusdirect


What is bookusdirect?

If you're a Vacation Rental host and are looking for a way to easily grow direct bookings, you need bookusdirect 🤩.

We're on a mission to simplify direct bookings for all Vacation Rental homeonwers by allowing them to easily get booked and paiddirect.

Whether you have a website or not, our solution allows you to easily market your Vacation Rental without relying on third-party booking platforms. You earn more, and your guests pay less. Find out more about bookusdirect here.


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