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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions Vacation Rental hosts ask about bookusdirect's direct booking software.

Who is bookusdirect for?

bookusdirect is designed to help all types of Short Term & Vacation Rental hosts get direct bookings. From campers and airstreams to treehouses, A-frames, apartments, and houses, we've got a solution for you!

Do my guests need to download an app to use bookusdirect?

Absolutely not. We've built bookusdirect with ease of use in mind for both you and your guests. Your guests can book directly from your Instagram or Facebook bio, WhatsApp, Google, or your website without having to download anything.

Can I show my reviews?

Yes. If you have a Google My Business account it's very straightforward: we'll show your Google My Business reviews on your direct booking link through an API. If you do not yet have a Google My Business account, we are there to help you set it up.

Can I use bookusdirect if I already have my own website?

Yes. We'll simply connect our plug and play widget to your website so that your guests can book directly from your website at no extra cost.

Are there really no commissions?

Yes. bookusdirect is built to help Vacation Rental homeowners regain their independence from Online Travel Agents and help them keep their profits and guest data. All bookings generated through bookusdirect are 100% commission-free.

What should my room rate be for direct bookings?

If your room rate is $100 on Online Travel Agent platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, or we recommend you use the same rate on bookusdirect - though ultimately it's up to you.


You can also optimise your rate direct booking rate to earn more more than with Online Travel Agents, all the while offering your guests much better value.

Can I keep hosting on other platforms

Yes. You don't have to list your Vacation Rental home exclusively on bookusdirect. You can keep your home listed on Airbnb, VRBO, or any other platform. 

We only ask you to sync your calendar with other platforms, just once when you join. By using calendar syncing we can help ensure there are no double bookings or overlaps from your other platforms.

Why is owning my guest relationship important?

There are many reasons why it's important to own your guest relationship, but here are the most important ones: personalized experience and marketing.


When you own your guest relationship you are able to provide a much more personalized experience to your guests, which in turn leads to much happier guests. And who doesn't want happier guests?


Owning your guest relationship also means that you can actively reach out to your guests to drive repeat bookings, engage in referral campaigns, and improve occupancy in slow seasons by sharing a special offer with them.

Ready to get started?

Explore how bookusdirect works, or get started to take back control of your bookings today. You can also book a free demo with our team.

Know what you'll pay

No hidden fees. Only pay for the bookings you receive — nothing more.

Need more information?

Let us reach out by email and share additional information on how bookusdirect can help you take back control of your property and earn more per booking.

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