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Using the Vacation Home Rental Category on Instagram

Building your own visibility is key when working to grow direct bookings. While using Instagram to promote your Vacation Rental is one great way to increase your visibility, you'll need to make sure your account set up is optimal.

Using the "Vacation Home Rental" category on your Instagram account is a simple, yet important step in helping prospective guests find you business, as it helps Instagram's search algorithm put your business forward when people search for businesses in your niche and area.

How to update my Instagram category to "Vacation Home Rental"?

  • Log in to your Instagram account

  • Click on Edit profile

  • Scroll down to the Public business information section and select the Category setting

  • Now search for Vacation Home Rental and select it

  • Next, from the Public business information section, select the Profile display section

  • Now make sure that Display category label is toggled on

Your Instagram category is now updated to "Vacation Home Rental", and your account has more chances of being displayed to people searching for Vacation Rental Homes in your area.


What is bookusdirect?

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